Day: December 15, 2010

Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 15

Another tie! Here are the two winners:


“DOWN THE CHIMNEY???? Are you kidding?” (by Dom and Venie)

“Chief insist you stay for dinner . . . roasted reindeer.” (by Cary Antebi)

My original caption: “He says he comes bearing gifts — a likely story.”

So congratulations go out to Dom and Venie, and once again to Cary Antebi (fifth win for Cary!). You are now officially three of the funniest people around. My question to Dom and Venie: Did each of you write half of that caption . . . or what?

I was also considering a few other captions by Cary Antebi, particularly “Don't ask what Chief did to the Tooth Fairy when he didn't like her gift!” and “You better have good gifts or else there are going to be seven spears a-spearing.” and even “Remember us? We're the elves you fired ten years ago.” I also liked Kelasher's “He says he sees us when we're sleeping and knows when we're awake and frankly we're not comfortable with that.” It had a lot of potential, but I felt that the wording needed a little more tweaking to make it a winner.

The drawing for contest No. 16 will appear shortly — and you can bet that Santa won't be in it.

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