Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 9

Here's the winning caption:


“You see, the advertisement was not a mistake. This sedan does seat seven!”

My original caption:

“Good evening, sir — please notice that there's plenty of room in here for a complete set of luggage . . . and how about this wear-resistant carpeting . . . ?”

So congratulations, Gary Z — you're now officially one of the funniest people around!

Other captions I was considering for top honors: “Leave the light on when you shut the door!” (from Catherine Scheader), “So, what will it take to get YOU into this car today?” (from Kelasher) and “Who needs OnStar? For an extra $50 a month, you'll get me in the trunk with a map giving you directions.” (from Levi).

By the way, why all this animosity toward mothers-in law? I thought that pretty much ended when Henny Youngman passed away.

I've already picked out the drawing for the next contest, and I promise it'll be much easier than this one.


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    Thanks Eli for chossing my caption as the winner of your Cartoon Caption Contest #9. Most importantly, I now know I am one of the funniest people around. It’s official! I guess I need to get to creating some more of my own cartoons while I have such an impresive title. It won’t be long before someone wins Cartoon Caption Contest #10, and I become just a vague distant memory. Thanks again for choosing my caption. If you are interested, you can view my (recently started) blog at I must say, my first thought of a caption involved a mother-in-law too.

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    Thanks Eli for adding a link to my blog from your web site! That’s even better than being “one of the funniest people around”. I truly appreciate you doing that for me. I have been tuning into your website just about daily for a least the last couple of years now. I really enjoy your humor and cartoon style. It’s simply amazing to see all the gags you have done over the years. I especially like when you reuse a gag and sell it again with a slightly different twist. Or sometimes, just a different drawing but the same punch line. Thanks again and take care. Please drop by my blog periodically and say hello. I would welcome any comments and suggestions you may have for me. Gary

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