Day: May 18, 2010

“We All Have to Start Somewhere” Department. Case in Point No. 14

I was saddened to learn of the May 7th death of cartoonist Bernard Schoenbaum. He had always been one of my favorites and I looked forward to seeing his cartoons in The New Yorker.

Cartoonist Michael Maslin, in his very informative blog, supplies some additional biographical details on Schoenbaum.

Actually, I had always intended to include Bernard Schoenbaum in my ongoing “We All Have to Start Somewhere” feature. Only two things stopped me: 1) I couldn’t find any really old “Schoenbaum” cartoons that had a drastically different cartooning style than the one he was famous for, and 2) I couldn’t locate a photo of him anywhere.

The three cartoons I’m posting here all date from the 1970’s, but I don’t know the exact publication dates. Two are from The Wall Street Journal and the other one is from True Magazine. Though they are about forty years old, the familiar “Schoenbaum” style is very evident in each of them. His first New Yorker cartoon appeared in 1974.

Bernard Schoenbaum left an enduring legacy in his gag cartoons. Rest in peace.


(From The Wall Street Journal, 1970’s)


(From The Wall Street Journal, 1970’s)


(From True Magazine, 1970’s)

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