Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No.2

Was this a tough one for you gagwriters/caption creators? Apparently so.

It was a tough one to judge, also, so I'm going to cop out once again and declare two winners. Here they are:


1) “It stands for Housewives Against Nincompoop Demonstrators.”

2) “What's an acronym?”

My original caption:

“I'm not protesting anything. It stands for Have A Nice Day.”

Congratulations to Ed Smith (1) and Kelasher (2). I thought that both of their captions were imaginative and funny, in different ways. Ed Smith's caption reminded me of another version of this cartoon that I drew a long time ago (that was also never published). The sign, held by an angry man, had just the word “SODA” on it. My caption was, “It stands for Stamp Out Dumb Acronyms.”

It's good to see that one contestant correctly figured out that HAND stood for “Have A Nice Day”. And I also greatly appreciated “Wait, we're not at a name-your-favorite-body-part convention?” (from Rachel).

Aside: Once again, I played along with all of you and tried to think up a brand new caption for my drawing. And again, I think I came up with a pretty good one: “I'll tell you what HAND stands for, if you'll tell me what PRESS stands for.”

Now if anybody had submitted that caption, it clearly would have been a winner!

I promise that Caption Contest No. 3, coming in a few weeks, will be much easier. I have the drawing picked out, and it should be a lot of fun.


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    Sorry, but unlike The New Yorker’s contest, the public does not have a voice here in the final decision. The ruling of the judge stands.

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