Al Ross, almost 98 years young

I received a note from a nephew of Al Ross, the celebrated New Yorker cartoonist. He said that his uncle is about to celebrate his 98th birthday, lives quietly in the Bronx, NY and is doing very well.

In case you don’t remember, Al Ross is one of the four cartooning Roth brothers. The other three, Ben Roth, Irving Roir and Salo, have passed away (Ben Roth was the only brother who cartooned under the family name).


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    I just recently started looking back at some of Al’s work. His way of drawing was always so expressive, giving his characters body language to go along with their speech. One of the NYer Greats!
    Happy Birthday to you Al!

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    I have a copy of Al Ross’s book Cartooning Fundamentals; it deserves a trade paperback reissue some day. One of my favorite Ross New Yorker cartoons has the arrogant fat cat defendant in front of the judge. The caption: “Sure I shot him! What is that, a crime?” Happy Birthday!

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    We are visiting my sister-in-law in New Jersey for Thanksgiving. She has a painting signed A L Ross that belonged to my husband’s parents for about 50 years. It is painted in very much a Grandma Moses style, plus there is another unsigned painting that was obviously done by the same artist. They believe that these two paintings came from near the Cambridge, New York area, but do not know much else about the paintings which both have a farm house, weathered wood barn with the doors open, cows, people and ducks in them. Do you have any idea who the A L Ross might have been who painted these two paintings?

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    Interesting, but I really doubt that the paintings were done by cartoonist Al Ross. Of course I’m not 100% sure. Maybe somebody else out there can shed some light on this.

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    after watching antiques roadshow tonite, i ran upstairs to see if i had a j kensett painting, but mine is signed by A L Ross. it is a country field scene with a barn, man walking on a path and if you look really closely with a magnifying glass, the man is smoking a pipe! the painting is about 8″ x 6″. could this have been the cartoonist’s hobby? in any case, i too received the painting in new jersey…it came with the first house we purchased.

  6. My father Al Ross, passed
    My father Al Ross, passed away today at the age of 100. He was even a greater painter and fine artist than he was a cartoonist, if that can be possible! Gone is the greatest there ever was!!! Long live my Dad, Al Ross!

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