Sun, February 7, 1995



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    Hi Eli, just got round to answering your post on my blog.
    Hope I find you in good health. I noticed you in the HBR, are you up to speed on the special:>)
    Did you ever come up with 2 or 3 punchlines for a good drawing like this and sell to a few publications? I mean, sometimes drawing crowd scenes and chairs and boardroom scenes is a lot of work.

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    Hi, Rod — I’ll be checking out your blog soon. I’ve been out of town and away from my home computer for a month (Yeah, Vacation!), so I only managed to post a few times on my site when I had wireless access. Besides HBR, I was in the Wall Street Journal and Brandweek while I was away, so I’ll be posting all of those in the near future.
    Am I up to speed on what? I don’t understand what the special:>) is. Never could catch up with all those computer abbreviations.
    Sure I come up with alternate punchlines — I must have sold a zillion boardroom gags, and I would say that every one of them could use the same drawing. Eli

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