The Wall Street Journal, March 26, 1969



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    Thanks for this, Eli.
    Now — I got a question about “Dewlap.”
    Why, in the pantheon of WSJ cartoons of the 1960s and 70s, does Dewlap appear from time to time? Sometimes it’s the name of a company, sometimes the name of a client. I have a Preston-edited WSJ collection from the early 70s, and the name “Dewlap” appears maybe 3-4 times. Is there an in-joke here?
    Just wondering if you know, Eli.

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    Good question, Mike — As far as I know, the in-joke was all Charles Preston’s — Dewlap was his concept of a funny-sounding cartoon name, I guess. I haven’t seen it for lo these many years, so I guess he finally decided it was enough already. In the case of this particular cartoon, I wrote “Dewlap” in the caption myself, to preempt Preston from changing it — something he liked to do occasionally. If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em, I always say. I don’t think I did too many “Dewlaps” though. Why Dewlap? That would be a great question to ask Preston — if you don’t ask, maybe I will. Or maybe he’ll comment here. I thought you might be complaining about the terrible quality of the reproduction of this particular cartoon. The WSJ must have been experimenting with different scanning techniques, and for a long time many of the “Pepper . . . and Salt” cartoons were so faint they almost disappeared. My cartoons suffered, but other cartoonists suffered even more. I recall at least one very sarcastic “Letter to the Editor” complaining about the situation. Eventually the reproduction problem was resolved. Eli

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