The Wall Street Journal, November 1, 1983



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    Hi. I must have missed the 11/1/83 cartoon in the Wall Street Journal, too busy with your party. But it is great (no bald men or men with glasses). It has two women, congrats! (even though they are witches).
    The “retort pouch” cartoon does bring a smile to my face, also, and I do not even know what it looks like – I can imagine what it looks like (hope I am right).Lila

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    I am an irregular universe of atoms. Each atom is made up of bits. Every bit is a galaxy of quarks, And each quark a mass of energy strings.Energy is really nothing.
    I live in a cabin in the hills. The hills are less than a pimple to our earth. Our earth is a loose bit of star. The sun is grain of sand on the beach of the Milky Way. That galaxy is one of millions expanding
    expanding into nothing?

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