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  • My wife Lila and I have lived in a townhouse condo (actually a Homeowner's Association) on the south shore of Long Island, NY for the past twenty years.
  • Lots of children and grandchildren, but none living with us now. Here are their names, in no particular order, so if you see these name in any of the cartoons, you'll know why: Rebecca, Marc (Levi), Allyson, Rachel, Gary, Abigail, Sharon, Jonathan, Kelly, Lori, Andrew, Daniel, Liz, Matthew and Stephen.
  • Education: BA, major in Design.
  • How I made a living (since I obviously couldn't do it as a cartoonist): Art Director, mostly in advertising and cosmetics. Also did a stint in the evenings as an Adjunct Professor of Advertising and Graphic Art at a local SUNY college.
  • Pastimes: Tennis and racquetball. Also taking long-distance hikes with my wife and whichever children or grandchildren choose to come along.


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    Hi Zayde, I think it’s funny how you didn’t put our family’s names in any order. And I got confused when you called Andy Andrew. I never heard anyone call him that. Let’s play tennis and I’ll come along on your next long distance hike. I love you. I hope I can see you soon. Love, Rachel

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    Hey! I’m just looking through your site for the first time today, pretty impressive I must say! Well I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the cartoons on this site and more that you’ll post in the future. Hope to see you soon! Love, Daniel
    PS: I’m a little jealous that Rachel was the first grandchild to post, I guess I have some catching up to do on this site!

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    Welcome aboard, Daniel — what took you so long? I really appreciate your nice comments! You are now officially guaranteed an unending supply of racquetballs, any time you want ’em.

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    Great website… thx for posting the cartoons… have came across your site in search for WSJ cartoons… love your extended collection! Marty (Los Angeles)

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    It was fun meeting you and Lila yesterday at Tom’s opening. I’ve looked at many of your cartoons and can see how you and Tom had to be so frustrated with the New Yorker. You’re a real Pro. I smiled often and even guffawed a few times. My wife Carol was upset with your Union Busting cartoons. I told her I thought they were satirical, but she was not convinced. I thought you said there were some more examples of Tom’s cartoons on your site. Did I misunderstand because I can’t tell where they would be?

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    Thanks for the kind words, Peter. No, I don’t have any of Tom’s cartoons here — what I probably told you was that there were some early PHOTOS of Tom. Did you see them? They can be found in “Eli’s Corner” and they were posted in August 2006. Sorry to hear that Carol took umbrage at “union busting”. Does she have some kind of union affiliation? Please tell her that these are definitely NOT anti-union cartoons — just the opposite, they are published by Union Communication Service, which syndicates material to labor unions to be used in union newspapers, newsletters, etc. By the way, if you want to continue this conversation, please email me at I tried to email this reply to your Yahoo address, but the delivery attempt failed.

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    Hi Eli! I was emailed from a friend a cartoon by Handelsman, and in looking for his site was somehow routed to yours, among others. You are fantastic and I do not understand why you could NOT make a living as a cartoonist, although having a variety of experiences always makes life interesting. I love that you have archived your work by topic, publication, and more. As a nurse, I know that humor can be the best medicine. As a dog owner, your first one with Radar, made me laugh out loud. I am sure I have seen your work over the years, but did not know your name. Thank you for a fun and uplifting site to bookmark. Donna

  8. I’m insomniac tonight and
    I’m insomniac tonight and enjoying another read of your site. I have the same comment as Rachel (6 years later) about the funny order of your list of children/grandchildren. I think you just like creating chaos. I think I’ve heard you make that comment once or twice to a person on that very list so just remember the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. OK, I’ll go to sleep soon.

  9. I also noticed the names you
    I also noticed the names you had mentioned in the article in many of your cartoons.

    Good to know, those people are your close relatives and you had given special care to them by giving their names to the characters of the cartoon.

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