Sun, April 25, 2005

Union Communication, May 2005

Sun, September 6, 2004

The Chronicle of Higher Education, December 1, 1993


Once again, a gag that I slanted for a particular market -- in this case, for a publication whose readership is primarily university and college oriented.

The Wall Street Journal, August 17, 1993


Product bar codes were fairly new at this time. I think I may have had a caption, which was simply "Uh, oh." The cartoon appeared without any caption. The point of the gag was to reflect everybody's concerns about where bar codes would go in the future.

National Business Employment Weekly, May 29, 1992

National Review, June 10, 1988


Explanation: Back in those days, some people weren't happy with the "liberal" leanings of the U.S. Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren. This cartoon was a natural for William Buckley's conservative publication, National Review, although I didn't draw it with that magazine in mind. I was kind of hoping that The New Yorker or The Wall Street Journal would nibble on it, but apparently that was not meant to be.

The Twilight Zone Magazine, April 1988

Sun, October 1, 2002

Buy-Lines, June 8, 1987


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