Filtration News, November/December 2000

American Tool, November/December 1999

The Florida Bar News, July 15, 1999


Explanation: In 1999, everyone was worried about all computers breaking down at the start of the year 2000 (Y2K). The buzzword was that every new technology had to be Y2K compliant, and this is just a natural extension of that.

The National Law Journal, August 2, 1999


Explanation: In 1999, if you were a big-billing, money-generating partner in a law firm, you would have been called a "rainmaker". I haven't heard the term lately, so I guess it's out of fashion.

The National Law Journal, February 8, 1999

Union Communication, April 2011

Training, August 1998

Selling Power, March 1998

Florida Bar News, September 15, 1997

American Tool, January/February 1998


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