Saturday Evening Post, May/June 1990

Mature Living, June 1999

The Wall Street Journal, April 8, 1981

The Wall Street Journal, January 6, 1959


This is another gag that has been "covered" so many times that it is almost a classic. This was in The Wall Street Journal in 1959 -- I'm not saying that it was a "first", but if anybody knows of earlier versions, I'd be interested in hearing about them.

Better Homes and Gardens, May 1997

The Wall Street Journal, May 21, 1971

The Wall Street Journal, June 25, 1998

Machine Design, October 24, 1994

The Wall Street Journal, April 22, 1974

Stock Market, August 1983


I've seen this gag "covered" countless times, in various disguises, by other cartoonists. I really don't know if this 1983 version of mine was the first to appear, but at least it was one of the earliest.


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