Florida Bar News, August 1, 1999


Explanation: In 1999, everybody was concerned that all computer systems would break down on January 1st, 2000. So being "year 2000 compliant" was the buzzword phrase of the moment for all new technologies -- and I figured it could apply to job applicants as well.

National Business Employment Weekly, July 26, 1998

The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 10, 1998

American Tool, March/April 1998

Bell Telephone of Pennsylvania, 1986


Another cartoon drawn on assignment for a Bell Telephone Co. conference newspaper. The theme was that all employees of the company, from the top to the bottom, were "stakeholders" in the company. So why not the computers, also?

Florida Bar Journal, May 1997

Rotarian, August 1997

The National Law Journal, December 23, 1996

Creative Computing, March 1983

Creative Computing, June 1983


Another example of our forgetful editors! This cartoon was printed in the May 1983 issue of Creative Computing and then was promptly printed again in the June 1983 issue.

A while ago, when I posted the May version, I wrote something about how the editor asked me to change my original drawing so that it would be a woman asking the question of a man, instead of the other way around. I guess the editor really liked the change!


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