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Selling Power, September 1997

Sun Magazine, July 4, 2005

The Wall Street Journal, February 1, 1984


In 1984, we were all suddenly playing games on our TV screens -- "Pong" was the most popular one, I believe -- but the fad didn't last too long.

National Business Employment Weekly, January 10, 1988

Selling Power, May 1997

The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 31, 1993

National Business Employment Weekly, October 18, 1987

Woman's World, June 12,1988

Sun, July 8, 1997


In 1967, thirty years before this was printed, I had sold a similar cartoon to King Features Syndicate, with six sales charts on the wall. You can see that one here.

I dropped two charts and made other changes, including a slightly re-worded caption, but basically it's still the same gag.

Hmmm . . . maybe I can re-draw it again, using only two charts . . .

National Review (West), May 20, 1996


Don't you just love it when, at Olympics time, everything is touted as being "The Official (product category) of the (year) Olympic games"?

For some reason this was published only in the Western edition of National Review, and not in the full edition, as far as I know.


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