Beggars, Bums & Doomsayers

National Business Employment Weekly, June 17, 1984

Medical Economics, January 9, 1984

Computerworld, March 21, 1983

Datamation, September 1983

The Wall Street Journal, October 29, 2009

Sun, April 25, 2005

Buy-Lines, October 3, 1988

National Review, June 10, 1988


Explanation: Back in those days, some people weren't happy with the "liberal" leanings of the U.S. Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren. This cartoon was a natural for William Buckley's conservative publication, National Review, although I didn't draw it with that magazine in mind. I was kind of hoping that The New Yorker or The Wall Street Journal would nibble on it, but apparently that was not meant to be.

Stock Market, December 1982


My caption was "Grab any companies lately?". I guess in Stock Market Magazine's haste to get this cartoon into print (they didn't even bother to type-set the caption as they usually did), somebody decided to change "companies" to "company". That just doesn't sound right to me. Should be either "Grab a company lately?" or my original "Grab any companies lately?", but certainly not the way they botched it up.

National Review, October 10, 1986


In 1986, this was a raging problem -- well, among competing telephone companies, anyway.


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